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How to come back to a blog…with style!

Yes, yes, yes my dears – I have come back. It may have been a couple of years, I am older, wiser and probably a bit more explosive and I have returned to this blog.

Now I don’t expect this blog to take me back with open arms. I mean I just ran off, leaving it abandoned, cold and unread for two whole years. It doesn’t trust anymore. It has had to learn the hard way that people can come, jazz you up, make you think that life is full of new possibilities and blog posts about my diet and making cups of tea. And then they can just leave you, when you are at your most pumped up and full of love, leave you to learn that in fact that life full of regular loving, warm, oozing posts was not meant to be. Ok I don’t know what I’m talking about, give me a break, I haven’t blogged in two years. I was trying to find a cool, sexy way of coming back the way James Bond re-enters the London offices after a stint killing one-eyed Russians on a train in Monrovia and says something devastating, like ‘Did I miss anything’? or ‘Do you know why it rains in June in China?’.

I was never very good at sticking to things, hence the lack of blogging regularity, but if there’s one thing I like doing is going back to things that I thought I had left for good, which is also why I made a trip to the job centre a couple of days ago. I hope it also won’t mean that I end up going out on a date with that guy who wore string vests. And on that glorious note, I depart for now. Yes my blog, my dear neglected but still beautiful blog, I am back!

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