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Tale of a British Indian in India

I realise this update is tragically overdue but here I am in India, pottling around, avoiding delhi belly (haha, my smugness defeats you all), enjoying the views and communing with tigers – ok I made that last one up.

Due to some restrictions on time, as I am working on something else at the moment,  here is a five point summary of my trip so far:

– India is beautiful. You probably already knew that. I think I knew it too but the reminder has been welcome.

– Indian KFC is vastly superior to any other KFC in the world. This is an undisputed fact. Actually if I could marry that zinger burger I ate, I would now be a happy mrs zinger, reproducing succulent, crunchy, delicious fries into my chicken-batter layered nest.

– Walking around with a serene smile, a la Julia Roberts in ‘Eat Pray Love’ will usually get you into trouble like a policeman thinking you’re high, someone trying to sell you a hemp bag with hindi writing on it, a bushy moustached, age-challenged  man thinking it’s a come-on or falling into a pot hole. Far better to walk around with a squinty-eyed frown.

– I still can’t wear a sari but I am one baby step closer. I have also been exposed to the invention of air-conditioned saris, which seem to be a miraculous invention.

– Try as you can, it is very difficult to warm to a cockroach. I tried to come to terms with the one in my room by naming it Tom and giving it a background – it had run away from home and was misunderstood but had a heart – but in the end I still wanted to stamp on it and kill cos it was squishy and horrible.

Details about my work and of course more gems of wisdom are to come.

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