Who you calling a piece of meat?!

14 Sep

Pictured here on the cover of Japanese Men’s Vogue is Lady Gaga a meat bikini – or meatini if you will. She decided this look was so fantastico that it could be taken a step further as a dress this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, but only complete with meat shoes.

The question on everyone’s lips today – is the meat real or fake.

Hang on, THAT’s the question on everyone’s lips? I think one sniff of her outfit would answer that in a second, surely? Shouldn’t the real question be – which lucky cow made the cut to cover Gaga’s butt? (Or not cover it, as the case may be)

This cow is now an international phenomenon and,even better, it’s controversial. It will  herald in a new era and hold the key to hiding the biggest beast in all ladies – cellulite (Being primarily made of fatty lumps and bumps itself). This cow is as big as Cher because it has now shared a stage with Cher! Cow is the new tweed. Flesh is the new…erm…fur.

Unless of course it isn’t a cow and is some weird plasticky thing that looks like a cow. If you had a sniff at the VMA awards, come forward now and set our souls at rest!!!!!!! And there is a £10 award for whoever knows the name of said cow.

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One response to “Who you calling a piece of meat?!

  1. Tee cosy

    September 23, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    Beefy McStew (that’s was the cow’s name) made the big time – splayed over Gaga’s bits at the VMA. Beefy always wanted to be famous, so much so that’s his friends nicknamed him Simon COWell, y’know, for a joke. Its clearly an ex-cow now, so further investigation may be MOOt. Rest in peace Beefy. Or at least in pieces.

    I still want my tenner though.


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