Shame, shame, shame

06 Sep

What can you do when you neglect your blog, shun it to actually live your life and then realise that you actually miss writing your nonsensical musings that nobody else wants to listen to, and want to go back to it. Will you take me back blog?

I promise I’ll change.

I will only write entries of the highest calibre. You will shudder and squeal with the expert touch of my pulsing, throbbing words. You will not have to wait wondering when I’ll call in. I’ll be here, regularly with flowers and a pocket full of puns that only half of the other bloggers are currently using.

Oh say it’s true, is it true oh blog? Yes! You won’t regret this, I swear. I’ll be the best blogger in the world. I will never leave you again.

And I’ll start now.

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