Ugly best friend? Living TV to the rescue!!

11 Dec

Do you think your best friend is ugly? When you meet her for a shopping session, do you have to have to excuse yourself to discreetly hurl into a bush upon seeing her face? Do you often mistake her for your neighbour’s chihuahua? Well, your poor eyes need fear no more because those kind people at Living TV have thought long and hard about this common dilemma plaguing the lives of so many woman, and are presenting us with the solution – a reality show called ‘My ugly best friend’ offering generous women the chance to makeover these unsightly mates of theirs.

As if the trailer to the programme isn’t enough to hook you in!  A hollow-eyed brunette with red lipstick and a choppy bob proclaims “Well I think I’m fabulous, but as for my best friend…” before the camera cuts to her less-than-fabulous ginger chum who is already snivelling away and blubbing that she’s always thought she was ugly (Hmm maybe having her ‘best friend’ constantly pointing this out to her didn’t help?) and it would make her life complete if she had a tummy tuck / dental work / complete facial and body reconstruction.

Wow, Living TV. Not only are you the home of quality inspirational viewing for women like ‘Make Me a Supermodel’ , ‘Extreme Makeover’ and even ‘Dating in the Dark’ but now you are showing British women that our constant obsessing over our body sizes and images need not end with ourselves. So listen up all women out there,  for those days when you’re just not really in the mood to mouth ‘I hate you’ over and over again to your mirror reflection after eating that chocolate muffin, just do it to your best friend instead. And it saves you that awkward conversation you were planning when you were just finally going to sit her down and say, “You know what, I just can’t hold this in anymore, you’re just a minger. I’d rather look at my dog’s leftover dinner than you. Either do something about it, or be gone from my sight you offensive heifer.” It means that when she’s finally received that makeover that she just so desperately badly needed, you can actually be proper friends and just, you know,  sit and talk about how fabulous you both look and stuff.

Oh Living TV, is there any insecurity or stereotype about women that you won’t exploit and regurgitate for vacuous entertainment? No, didn’t think so.


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3 responses to “Ugly best friend? Living TV to the rescue!!

  1. Casper

    December 25, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    Yep, depressing. With so many life-affirming, illuminating and challenging ideas and experiences to encounter in life, it’s upsetting to think that noxious crap like this can seep into susceptible heads to preoccupy them instead with self-defeating, mind-shrinking, soul-shriveling negativity.

    Great to be reminded that there are thinkers and critics out there, but also to remain one myself and not become befuddled by bullshit.

  2. explosivechutney

    January 15, 2010 at 10:46 am

    Yeah it’s so hard to put it into practice isn’t it. But I think we’re on the right track. Nice name Casper 🙂

  3. Gina lee

    March 18, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    I would love to have a free makeover. Im a mother of 4. Ive had a very unhappy marriage daily domestic abuse and am now divorced. I would like to save up but I cant. I do not hav any confidence and my friends doctor and family support my wish to get surgery. I have very hooded eyelids. Broken nose thin lips and eyebags. Please get in touch and let me know if id be able to be on any t.v shows. It would truly improve the quality of my life and make me happy and confident enough to work again. im 32 and look 40 X


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